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Storytellers. Filmmakers. Eaters of Cereal.
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Brothers. Filmmakers. Super models.



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Wyze Cam

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Water - Autel Robotics
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Amazon Prime Music
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Amazon Dash
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Will Hopoate
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Atomic City

We are a full service production house.  Our fiercely creative writers, directors, and editors can handle anything from itsy bitsy shoots to full blown productions.  Plus, we always keep candy within arms reach.

Rhett Lewis (Director, Editor) Rhett used to make Ninja movies.  He was young and they were rad.  His passion for filmmaking and storytelling has never wavered.  He has directed hundreds of videos from small to large and everywhere in between.  Actors say “Rhett is a delight to work with” although we will not back up this statement with documentation.

Phone: 435.764.3319

Burke Lewis (Director, Editor, Cinematographer, IT Guru, Mechanic, Tech Savvy Dude That Fixes All Of Our Problems And Makes Everything Work Guy.)  Seriously.  Burke is the engine and the rest of us are the parts.

Phone: 435.512.3558

Taylor Lewis (Editor, Shooter) Taylor is our workhorse.  He stayed awake for just under eleven days once when editing a piece.  On the twelfth day we found him near the Nevada border carrying his keyboard and mouse.  He’s safe now and editing some of our best stuff.

Phone: 385.414.9161

Dave Crosby (Accountant, Business Man, Musician) Dave is a truly interesting species. Not only does his creative bookkeeping hold up under intense IRS scrutiny, but his creative musical compositions keep our videos gripping. He got an MBA from BYU because he didn’t think being a full time musician was a wise financial decision at the time. Then he started working for us and all his dreams were realized at once.

Phone: 801.903.3880




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Phone: 435.764.3319

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